Trust Structure

The Board of Directors of the Trust has devolved the day-to-day running of each of the constituent Academy schools to Local Governing Bodies, and responsibility for financial governance to the Finance and Audit Committee.

Each Academy within the Trust has its own individual Senior Leadership Team which includes the Head of Academy. The Executive Head and Head of Primary Division from September 2016 provide direction and support to the Heads of Academy.

An aim of this management structure is to distribute responsibility and accountability and to encourage involvement in decision making at all levels so that the Academies nurture the talents of its entire staff to support continual improvement and excellence.

The following matters are specifically reserved for the determination, management and control of the Board of Directors of the Voyage Education Partnership.  However, full consideration shall be given to the views of the Local Governing Body of each Academy in any such determination.

  1. Setting the annual budget for the Academy;
  2. Curriculum and ancillary policies for the Academy;
  3. Admissions and appeals;
  4. The entry into of all commercial contracts;
  5. Contracts for the engagement of all staff and the dismissal of any member of staff.