Why Join Voyage?

  • Agreed strategic direction and vision
  • Common ethos, values and standards
  • The right balance of support for development and challenge for quality assurance
  • Access to excellent central services including Finance, HR, Estates, Health & Safety, Marketing & Communication, and IT managed services which provide expertise and good value for money
  • Shared expertise in common areas of need: wellbeing, attendance, admissions, SENCO support and safeguarding
  • Core high quality educational subject support and creative curriculum development which reflects the needs of pupils, relevant to context
  • Collaborative policy and opportunity to share and co-develop best practice for the benefit of all
  • CPD networks that offer staff significant professional development opportunities and a ‘grow our own’ model
  • Good organisational financial health and management
  • Shared curriculum resources and infrastructure
  • Autonomy for Heads and Leaders, no ‘one size fits all model’
  • Economies and efficiencies of scale
  • Opportunity to be part of the Connect Teaching School and the capacity to support others
  • Support, challenge, guidance, collaboration, cooperation, opportunity…

Our Academies

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan is an intrinsic document which outlines the Trust’s achievements, aims for the future and core values.

To find out more please browse or download the below document.